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Magnolia Officinalis Extract


Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder
Specification:Magnolol 10-98%, Honokiol 2-98%
Certificate:EU Organic/USDA Organic/FDA/ISO/Kosher/Halal

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Magnolia bark extract-Honokiol is used in tradition chinese medicine, where it is known as houpu (thus the common names).It is shown to reduce ellergic and asesthetic reactions. Today, the honokiol of magnolia cortex bark used for commercial and domestic use is supplied by plants in cultivation.


Quick Details:
SpecificationMagnolol 10-98%, Honokiol 2-98%
Extracted PartBark
Active IngredientHonokiol, Magnolol
OEM ServiceAvailable
Place of OriginShaanxi, China
Test MethodHPLC
Heavy Metal≤ 10.0 mg/kg
Pb≤ 2.0 mg/kg
As≤ 1.0 mg/kg
Total Bacteria≤1000 cfu/g

1. Magnolia Bark Honokiol Extract can beused as powerful antioxidant in cardiovascular diseases.
2. It has the function of inhibiting bacteria growth and viral infection.
3. It has the function of alleviating anxiety, improves sleep and relieves insomnia.
4. It has the function of anti-inflammatory.
5. It has the function of protecting the brain from Alzheimer's disease.
6. It has the function of anti-dental caries and anti-periodontal disease.
7. It has the function of curing the habit of tobacco.


1. Applied in the Pharmaceutical field;
2. Applied in the Health product field;
3. Applied in the Food field.


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