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Blueberry Juice Powder


Appearance:Amaranth Powder
Specification:80 Mesh
Certificate:EU Organic/USDA Organic/FDA/ISO/Kosher/Halal

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Blueberry juice powder is made from pure natural blueberry juice. Blueberry juice powder is rich in vitamins, minerals and anthocyanins, and has the effect of activating the retina, enhancing eyesight, preventing eye fatigue and concentration. Blueberry juice contains small amounts of vitamins C, A and E. Together, these vitamins act as potent antioxidants that help limit free radical - mediated damage to the body. It is widely used in various fields.


Quick Details:
Specification80 Mesh
Extracted   PartFruit
Place   of OriginShaanxi,   China
Customized   ServiceAvailable
Test   MethodTLC
Heavy   Metal≤ 10.0 mg/kg
Pb≤ 2.0 mg/kg
As≤ 1.0 mg/kg
Total   Bacteria≤1000 cfu/g

1. Blueberry Powder has function of anti-oxident.
2. Blueberry Powder can enhance the immune system ability.
3. Blueberry Powder can reduce heart disease and stroke occurred.
4. Blueberry Powder can help to prevent various free radicals related diseases.
5. Blueberry Powder can reduce the number of cold and shorten the duration.
6. Blueberry Powder can enhance flexibility of arteries and veins and blood capillary.
7. Blueberry Powder can relax vascular so as to promote the blood flow and the high blood pressure.
8. Blueberry Powder can resist to the effect of radiation.
9. Blueberry Powder can promote the retinal cells regeneration, depending on the purple quality, improve eyesight to prevent myopia.


1. Applied in Pharmaceutical Feild
Blueberry extract is used to treat diarrhea, scurvy, and other conditions. It's very effective in treating diarrhea, menstrual cramps, eye problems, varicose veins, venous insuffiency and other circulatory problems including diabetes.

2. Applied in Food Additives
Blueberry extract has so many healthy functions, billberry extract is also added to food to strengthen the flavor of food and benefit human health at the same time.

3. Applied in Cosmetic Feild
Blueberry extract is helpful to improve skin situation. It's effective in fading out freckle, wrinkle and making skin smooth.



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